•  Spanish test retake contract:  This must be created and discussed with Sra. Scheirer in order for you to retake a test.  Please print out this form, fill it out and discuss activities/times with Sra. Scheirer.

    Name: ________________________  Original Assessment Score:  ________  Completed contract due:  ___ / ___

                   (one week from original assessment date)

    Period: ________                                  Original Assessment Date:    ___ / ___              


    Teacher Availability

    Before school

    AO (M, T, W, Th, F)

    Email me to let me know you’re coming, so I can be sure to be available for you:


    •        All students have the opportunity to retake their major assessments for

    a full grade replacement provided they fulfill all necessary requirements.

    •        Filling out this contract and taking advantage of re-teaching opportunities is your responsibility.
    •        You must meet with me at some point during the retake process. If you are having difficulty, it is strongly recommended that you complete the work listed in this             contract before meeting so you can come prepared with questions. You must let me know, either via email or face to face, when you will meet with me and when             you will retake the assessment. If none of the listed times fit your schedule, come talk to me for other arrangements.
    •        Be sure to read and fill out this entire contract, complete the work listed, and take the assessment by the agreed upon date.
    •        Failure to complete ALL steps on time will revoke your opportunity.


    I. Understanding Missed Concepts: Since you cannot take your assessment home, let me know when you are coming to see it and fill out this sheet. In the chart below, write down the questions, terms, or concepts that you got wrong on the assessment in the left column, and specifically define where you can find the answers to those concepts in the right column. This should be the first stage of studying to help you pinpoint exactly where you went wrong on the assessment.


    Missed Questions, Terms, or Concepts

    (Write the test question, vocabulary, or concept)

    Where are the answers (evidence)?

    (List resource, page number, etc)






    II. Study Reflection:  Complete the reflection questions below. Be honest - this is to help you reflect and improve upon your study practices, not for me to judge you.

    1        What did you do to prepare for the first assessment? ...

    a. HOW did you study?

    b. WHEN did you study? i.e. What day(s)?

    c. HOW LONG did you study?

    d. WHERE did you study?

    e. WHAT RESOURCES did you use as you studied?


    2        List what resources you can use both at school and home to help you study, stay organized, and adequately prepare for this assessment.





    III. Stay Current: You MUST staple all homework and classwork related to this assessment as well as three additional activities (details below) to this contract, and you MUST stay CURRENT on any new material. If you would like extra help before your retake, you are responsible for setting up additional time to meet with your teacher outside of class.


    IV. Make A Plan:  You should complete a minimum of 3 different activities from our study activity list. List which activities you are going to do to prepare for your retake.



    Study Activities


    V. Signatures

    By signing below, you are committed to the plan developed above, and are dedicated to improving your understanding of class concepts. In addition, teacher and parent will commit to the time and effort needed to help lead this child to success on this assessment. This MUST be signed and turned in by the date indicated at the top of the front page.


    Student: _________________________________   Parent: _________________________________  


    Teacher: _________________________________  



    VI. Retake: Terms of this contract must be fulfilled, and you must turn in completed contract to teacher before you can retake.


    Retake Quiz Date/Time:  _________________________Retake Quiz Location: _____________________