Junior United Nations Assembly (JUNA)

  • JUNA is a model United Nations assembly for students in grades 6-8 representing schools across the state of Alabama.  Teams of students represent a nation of their choosing, research it to determine a issue of global importance, and write a resolution explaining the problem and a solution. The team members design and create a costume representative of their country, in addition to creating a display board which represents the culture, people and experiences of their chosen country.

    JUNA 2019 was held at Birmingham Southern on January 31- February 1st,, a two-day extravaganza of ideas, costumes, debating, problem solving and critical thinking.  Each year, JUNA of Alabama is an unforgettable experience  in diplomacy, strategy, and public speaking.

    The eight members who represented Crestline Elementary on the 2018-2019 J.U.N.A. team were:

    Michael Garrison

    Olivia Hussey

    Griffin Lamkin

    Catherine Meadows

    Tiley Perrine

    Parker Redden

    Jude Smith

    Grace Stewart





Zimbabwe presents their resolution at JUNA 2014