Borrowed from Ron Ciraulo, Gifted Educator from Issaquah, Washington


    The Gifted Child...

    …has a wide range of knowledge.

    Positive attributes : a variety of interests and abilities

    Negative attributes : trivia collector, consumer of information rather than producer

    Needs : opportunities to explore


    ...uses advanced vocabulary and communication skills.

    Positive attributes : expresses ideas well

    Negative attributes : manipulates others verbally, intellectualizes feelings

    Needs : opportunities to interact


    ... is capable of accelerated learning.

    Positive attributes : learns easily and rapidly

    Negative attributes : gets bored with routines, disrupts

    Needs : rapid pace, depth of content


    ...makes unusual connections and relationships.

    Positive attributes : links, connects and transfers knowledge

    Negative attributes : goes off on tangents; gets off task

    Needs : opportunities to link, to pursue tangents; practice in focusing on crucial tasks


    ...sees discrepancies, inconsistencies.

    Positive attributes : good analyst

    Negative attributes : can be self-critical, judgmental, perfectionist, critical of others

    Needs : opportunities to explore issues, to make a difference; to learn how to deal with their own imperfections, and to carefully communicate to others their imperfections.


    ...has an intense personality.

    Positive attributes : excited by learning, learns rapidly and deeply

    Negative attributes : difficult to move off a subject, too high an energy level

    Needs : opportunities to interact with others of like mind, to pursue interests


    ...has a creative personality.

    Positive attributes : sees things in unique, unusual ways

    Negative attributes: non-conformist

    Needs : opportunities for divergent thinking, open-ended activities; opportunities to practice appropriate interaction with others


    ...often has an introverted personality.

    Positive attributes : philosophical

    Negative attributes : non-risk taker, vents on family

    Needs : private time to recharge; safe environment in which to take risks.