The Mountain Brook Board of Education believes that learning is most successful in a highly supportive environment in which students, teachers, parents, and community members work closely and harmoniously together. The intent of this policy regarding participatory leadership and shared decision making is to focus attention on plans which produce purposeful and enduring results for enhanced student learning.

    Shared decision making requires effective leadership. Leadership responsibility includes articulating the vision of the district’s strategic plan, implementing district policies, and developing leadership among all participants. The Board of Education is committed to the following results as participatory leadership and shared decision making are practiced in the Mountain Brook school system: improved student learning, improved communication, improved staff morale, higher quality decisions, better use of human and fiscal resources, increased staff creativity and innovation and greater public confidence.

    The Board of Education will solicit community and staff input whenever Board policies are composed or revised. The proposed policy or change in policy will be made available for public comment for at least the period of time until the next regularly scheduled Board meeting. An exception may be made if policies or changes in policy are required by the state or federal government. The district will also encourage community input on curriculum revision committees by having community members serve as members on the committees and by having proposed curriculum frameworks available for public comment prior to adoption by the Board.

    Shared decision making will be focused in school improvement teams established and maintained in each school in the district. The responsibility of each team is to develop a plan for its school by specifying the goals, activities, time line, necessary human and fiscal resources, and evaluation plan that will improve the operation of the school. Each improvement team will operate within the guidelines of district policies. Each team’s activities, decisions and recommendations will be consistent with the system’s strategic plan and will contribute to achieving district goals.  Each school will provide for a collaborative partnership in which parents, staff, and students when appropriate work together in the decision making process. The superintendent, in conjunction with the principal of each school, will evaluate annually the results of the school’s progress in meeting the improvement team’s goals.



    Adopted:        December 10, 2001