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  • Since we are not going to school during the COVID-19 school closures, please check out the new online guidance lessons labeled for eLearning grades 3-6 and the Embrace SEL lessons just for 6th grade below. These are new lessons we have never done!




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    Video Lesson Activities for middle school aged kids from Embrace SEL. Try one each week!

    • Embrace Introduction

    • Emotional Regulation

    • Take a Beat - Impulse Control

    • Emotional Regulation Thinking Errors

    • Stress and Emotions

    • Core Values


6th Grade Guidance

  • Lessons are in the classroom for a full hour on the following topics taken from Too Good for Drugs, the Teaching Tolerance Mix It Up lesson, and Common Sense Media's Digital Literacy Lesson on Marketing with a Look at JUUL Advertising:

    1. Community and Belonging
    2. We Are Connected: Mix It Up & Life Line Connections
    3. Choices & Goal Setting
    4. Peer Pressure
    5. Tobacco & Nicotine: 
      1. Tobacco & nicotine products, including dangers of e-cigarettes and vape products.
      2. Be Smart Consumers: Study of Marketing Tricks and Who is Targeted and Why
    6. Alcohol
    7. Wrap Up & Transitions

    Lessons that appear in teal have already been covered.