• Brookwood Forest Elementary believes in providing unique learning experiences for ALL students. Each child has different needs and each teacher responds to those needs within their classroom, the special area classes, consulting me for enrichment resources or by making a referral for Special Education Services. 
    Genius Hour is a great way for us to provide specialized enrichment services to ALL students for about an hour each week. Genius actually means "to bring into being, to create, to produce" something that was not there before in our world. Students are encouraged to travel through the process of Genius Hour in order to develop their own inquiry question about anything they would like to explore. Denise Krebs and Gallit Zvi, authors of The Genius Hour Guidebook, explain Genius Hour.
    "Students develop these questions based on their interests, passions, or even based on something they are wondering about. For us, it si student-centered learning at its best. Students love it because it gives them the opportunity to learn about the things that they personally wonder about..."
    Please see our link for more information about Genius Hour at BWF. Please email Mrs. Caughran if you have any questions about Genius Hour.