Academic Assistance


    The grade level counselors are involved in helping students with the registration process, long term academic planning and other academic concerns.  

    The registration and course selection process begins in early February.  

    In a large group setting, the counselors explain the registration/course selection process to the students.  At that time, students receive their own personalized course selection sheet.  Courses that MBJH recommends for a student to consider taking are noted on the course selection form.   The course selection sheet along with the course selection guide are sent home with that student.  

    Students return their completed course selection sheet to their grade level counselors.  Once the course selection sheets are returned, the counselors make appointments with each student, individually, to go over their course selections, answer questions, check prerequisites and finalize their requests.   


     FOUR YEAR HIGH SCHOOL ACADEMIC PLAN FOR GRADUATION  Blank 4-Year Plan   4-Year plan presentation

    During a student's eighth grade year, the counselors will help develop a tentative  four year high school plan for graduation.  During this time, the different diploma options and the requirements for each diploma are explained to the students and parents.  A rough draft plan for high school course selections is created. This plan is updated yearly with the grade level counselor.