The Superintendent of Schools shall maintain personnel records on all employees of the Mountain Brook City Schools.  The records shall be complete and current.

    It shall be the duty of all employees of the Mountain Brook City Schools to provide the Superintendent with teaching certificates, college records, transcripts, letters of recommendation, health examination reports and other data required.

    All information contained in an employee’s record shall be considered as confidential and shall not be transmitted to other persons or agencies without written approval by the said employee.  However, access to a teacher’s personnel file may be given to the following persons without the teacher’s consent:  the Superintendent, the teacher’s current principal, the employee’s supervisor, the Director of Personnel or a Board member (if access relates directly to his/her duties as evidenced by specific reasons given), or when subpoenaed by judicial order or other competent legal authority as stipulated in P.L. 93-380.

    An employee may have access to his/her own personnel file at all reasonable times.  This right includes the right to make written objections to any information contained in the file; such written objections must be signed by the teacher before becoming part of the file.  The teacher may request a copy of any material in his/her file.

    Any evaluative materials – complaints, commendations, together with written suggestions for correction or improvement – must be signed by the person making the complaint, commendation, etc.  Also an employee must be given an opportunity to offer denial or explanation as applicable, such denial or explanation to be included in the personnel file of the employee.




    Adopted:  July 2, 1979