• Crestline 3rd Grade World Music Tour  
    Third grade students will be charting new territory as they perform in the first world music tour at Crestline. They will explore the music and culture of new places as they travel around the globe.
    Tour Dates
     Thursday, Feb. 6: 8:30 and 1:00 Performances for K-4 Students
    Friday, Feb. 7: 8:30 Performance for Parents 
    Students will wear custom t-shirts, long blue jeans, and tennis shoes. T-shirts were purchased at the beginning of the year with grade level fees. 
  •  Students may use this link to review lyrics to songs that have been introduced in music class.
     Karangatia ra
    You may listen and sing along with the following student rehearsal recordings that were created during the Ferguson/Rainer music class:
    I Hear the Windmill
     Highlights from the 2016 3rd Grade World Music Tour: