I.              Students

    Teachers may accept gifts of a de minimis (minimal) value.

    It is permissible for parent organizations or classroom representatives to collect a small amount of money from each student and pool toward the purchase of one gift card for a school employee, providing each specific contribution from students is of de minimis value. 

    This policy is not enacted to expand or loosen the Ethics Law but to comply with the de minimis value standard set out in the Alabama Ethics Law.

    II.            Staff Members

    Staff members may accept gifts from other staff members provided the gift is given under circumstances which make it clear that it is motivated by friendship and not given because of the recipient’s official position. 

    III.           Outside Agencies or Individuals

    Staff members shall not accept gifts from outside agencies or individuals that are a result of existing or potential business transactions between the local school, the School District, and said agency or individual.  Staff members shall report to their immediate superior any attempt by outside agencies or individuals to give gifts which are in excess of de minimis value.


    “No public official or public employee shall solicit or receive anything for him/herself or for a family member of [a public official or] a public employee…for the purpose of corruptly influencing official action, regardless of whether or not the thing solicited or received is a thing of value.” 

    Section 36-25-7(b) Code of Alabama



    Adopted:  December 12, 2011