The Mountain Brook Board of Education seeks to provide its students with a curriculum which:

    ·         Ensures the mastery of knowledge and skills necessary for success in post secondary study and careers

    ·         Challenges each student to do the best work of which each is capable

    ·         Allows for individual student differences in needs, abilities, and interests

    ·         Engages students in active learning in which they both acquire knowledge and learn to apply it in meaningful ways

    ·         Enables students to see connections among the academic disciplines

    ·         Enables students to become independent learners

    ·         Is based on sound research and effective practice

    ·         Is supported by high quality, engaging instructional materials

    ·         Enjoys the understanding and support of faculty, parents, and community

    Upon recommendation of the Superintendent or designee, the Board shall adopt a written district curriculum which describes, for each subject area and grade level, the content objectives which are to be taught in all district schools.

    The district's curriculum shall be aligned with the district's purpose and goals for student learning, Board policies, state curriculum frameworks, graduation requirements.

    The Superintendent or designee shall establish a process for curriculum development, selection, and/or adaptation which utilizes the professional expertise of students, teachers, parents, principals, and district administrators representing various grade levels, disciplines, special programs, and categories of students as appropriate.

    The selection and evaluation of instructional materials shall be coordinated with the curriculum development and evaluation process.

    The Superintendent or designee shall present information about the resources that would be necessary to successfully implement the curriculum and describe any modifications or supplementary services that would be needed to make the curriculum accessible to all students.

    The review cycle for regularly evaluating the district's curriculum, in order to ensure continued alignment with state and district goals for student achievement, shall be conducted whenever the State Board of Education adopts new or revised content standards or the curriculum framework for a particular subject or when new law requires a change or addition to the curriculum. 

    In addition, the Superintendent or designee may review the curriculum in one or more subject areas as needed in response to student assessment results; feedback from teachers, administrators, or parent/guardians; new research on program effectiveness; or changing student needs.


    Adopted:  March 21, 1994


    Revised: February 11, 2013