• ofrendatemplate Students in Advanced Spanish 2 will make a miniature OFRENDA for El Día de los Muertos.  You will receive a basic ofrenda sheet  and you will create your ofrenda to honor a member of your family/famous person that has passed away.  From the ofrenda sheet, you must use TEN of the items that are specific to all ofrendas.  One of them is a flower arbor, which should be one of your ten items.  Then, you will add FIVE additional items to your ofrenda that are specific to the person you are honoring on your ofrenda.  One of these items must be a picture of the person being honored by your ofrenda!
    Ofrendas are due on El Día de los Muertos, which is November 1 and 2.  Your ofrendas are due MONDAY, NOVEMBER 2. You will present your ofrenda to Sra. Scheirer. Your ofrenda is a 50 point Comunicación assignment.
     Lane's awesome ofrenda Joe's awesome ofrenda