Live work is work done by students as part of their training program.  Such work can be done either in school or in a job location and includes service, repair, or production jobs of any and all kinds.


    Relationship to Training

    Live work will be conducted when; in the opinion of the instructor and director/administrator the training program requires such projects for acquisition of occupational skills leading to employment.  Their instructor(s) as part of the student’s training program will assign live work to individual students.


     Administration and control of live work in accordance with local Board of Education policies are the responsibilities of the director/administrator of each school.  All live work performed must be approved by the director/administrator or his representative.  He shall be responsible for the determination and collection of all charges and maintenance of appropriate records.

     Live Work Projects

     Live work will be performed in specific projects for specific individuals and organizations.  The scope and extent of each project will be well defined and documented before acceptance.  Live work projects can be conducted for:

    (1) Tax supported programs and institutions

    (2) Public employees

    (3) Students in the Area Career/Tech Centers

    (4) Charitable organizations that are supported by donations

    (5) Individual and organizations

    a.            Such live work is not designed for competition with private enterprise

    b.            The circumstances involved are unusual and justify the acceptance of the live-work project

    c.            The instructor justifies in writing why the live work is necessary for the training program and files a signed copy with the director/administrator or his representative.

     Release of School Liability

     The person, program, institution or organization for which live work is done shall:

     (1) Assume responsibility for the results of the work being done by students

            (2) Bear all actual cost of  materials and part involved

            (3) Pay a service charge according to the schedule as prescribed by section on service charges and established by the Director/administrator of                the school to cover indirect expenses

           (4) Sign a form agreeing to the above conditions and specifically stipulating the work to be performed

     Services Charge for Live Projects


    The total charges (cost plus a service charge) for a live work will be as follows:

          (1) Actual cost plus 20% for indirect cost

          (2) A service charge not to exceed three dollars

    In exceptional cases such as the construction of a public building a reduced charge for the indirect expenses of live work projects may be used provided the administrator or his representative concurs in writing.   The School must cover all costs.

     Construction Projects

    In order to protect the public, all construction projects of public buildings must be approved by the director/administrator of the school.

    Restriction on Live Work

     To avoid competition with private enterprise, live work is restricted as follows:

          (1) Live work will be done only when it is needed for training and necessary for the acquisition of occupational skills leading to employment.

          (2) No persons regardless of his connections shall use Area Career/Tech centers for personal gain or profit.


    Adopted:   March 8, 2004

    Readopted: October 11, 2010

    Readopted:  September 14, 2015