Employee Assistance Program

  • The Employee Assistance Program is voluntary and confidential.  Through this free program, employees and their immediate family members may receive confidential personal counseling, marital counseling, counseling regarding alcohol and drug difficulties, and other services from a program called American Behavioral.  

    The employee may enter the program through self-referral or may be referred by his or her supervisor.  The services are offered at no cost to the employee and are confidential.  School officials are not made aware of which employees have used the service. At the employee’s request, sick leave may be granted for treatment or rehabilitation on the same basis as is granted for ordinary health problems. 

    Although the services offered by the Employee Assistance Program are free, if those services lead to referral by the program for services that exceed those covered by the program, those costs will be the responsibility of the employee.  It shall be the employee’s discretion whether to comply with the referral from the Employee Assistance Program to other services.  To take advantage of this employee benefit, employees may call American Behavioral at 205-871-7814.

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