The Mountain Brook Board of Education recognizes cooperative education as a structured component of the curriculum. Quality cooperative education integrates classroom instruction and learning with productive, supervised work experiences in a variety of fields related to career opportunities for students.

    Cooperative Education is a significant workforce development strategy  Improved skills lead to higher efficiency; the availability of a better-trained labor pool encourages business growth and productivity. The mutual business-school support of Cooperative Education helps create a community-wide environment of collaboration and cooperation. Students are placed in training stations for paid work experience to develop their career objective or pathway.

    The Board authorizes the development and implementation administrative procedures for cooperative education. Such procedures shall include but not be limited to guidelines for student termination, student absenteeism, a student changing a job assignment, and student transportation. In addition, these guidelines shall address decision-making and establish protocol for solving problems at the workplace and at school.


    Adopted: December 11, 2006

    Readopted: October 11, 2010

    Readopted:  September 14, 2015