It is the policy of the Mountain Brook Board of Education that residences within the city limits of Mountain Brook which are located on the streets listed below shall comprise an optional school attendance area.  Residents of the optional school attendance area shall be given the option of enrolling their children in either Mountain Brook Elementary or Brookwood Forest Elementary School.


    All new residents of the optional attendance area shall be informed of this policy by the Superintendent or his designee at the time said residents seek permission to enroll their children in school.


    Residents in the optional attendance area who may wish to transfer their children from Mountain Brook Elementary School to Brookwood Forest Elementary School or from Brookwood Forest Elementary School to Mountain Brook Elementary School shall present such a request in writing to the Superintendent on or before August 1.  The Superintendent shall have the authority to deny a request for transfer if such transfer results in over-crowding or any other condition which, in the judgement of the Superintendent, is not in the best interests of the students.  In the event that a transfer is approved, it shall be considered a permanent transfer.


    Streets which comprise the optional attendance area are as follows:


    Arundel Drive

    Deer Park Road

    Royal Oak Circle

    Asbury Place

    Green Valley Road

    Royal Oak Court

    Asbury Road

    Halbrook Lane

    Royal Oak Drive

    Brook Hollow Lane

    Hunters Lane

    Seven Barks Circle

    Buckingham Lane

    Knollwood Drive

    Weatherton Circle

    Buckingham Place

    Knollwood Lane

    Weatherton Drive

    Canoe Brook Circle

    Little Branch Road

    Williamsburg Circle

    Canoe Brook Lane

    Orleans Road

    Williamsburg Drive

    Cromwell Drive

    Overton Road (Hwy 280

    Woodridge Road


    to Fairhaven Drive)







    Adopted:  July 13, 1981


    Revised:  February 13, 2023