National Beta Club at MBJH

  • Induction to the National Beta Club is to be held in the Spring semester.

    Ninth grade students selected for membership in the National Beta Club are eligible if they meet the four ideals for selection.  These ideals are scholarship, leadership, service and character.  No student is selected simply because of a high academic average.  The National Beta Club strives to recognize the total student - one who excels in all of these areas.  Students must also have completed at least one semester of academic work at MBJH during their 7th, 8th, 9th grade year and meet the academic eligibility requirements. Academic eligibility is based on the academic average of 7th, 8th, and fall of 9th grade coursework, which must average to 90.0.  

    For a student to be selected for membership in the NBC at MBJH, he/she must maintain an academic coursework cumulative average of 90.0, demonstrate leadership skills, participate in service opportunities, and display a strong character.  Students will be notified of their tapping into NBC through a letter requesting that they attend an Induction Ceremony.  The Induction Ceremony is held in the evening so that family members may attend.  

    Membership Requirements: Students who have been inducted into NBC must maintain a 90.0 cumulative average in academic course work and the National Beta Club recommends eight (8) service hours per semester of work that benefits the community.  Members of NBC who were inducted at other schools and have transferred to MBJH may submit their membership paperwork to the sponsor. These students are required to maintain the membership requirements for MBJH.  Students who do not complete the membership requirements are placed on a one-semester probation.  Students who fail to regain academic averages at the end of the probation period are dropped from membership.