Data Governance Overview


    Protecting our students’ and staff's privacy is an important priority and Mountain Brook Schools are committed to maintaining strong and meaningful privacy and security protections. The privacy and security of this information is a significant responsibility and we value the trust of our students, parents, and staff.

    The Mountain Brook Schools Data Governance document includes information regarding the Data Governance Committee, the actual Mountain Brook Schools Data and Information Governance and Use Policy, applicable Appendices, and Supplemental Resources.

     The policy formally outlines how operational and instructional activity shall be carried out to ensure Mountain Brook Schools’ data is accurate, accessible, consistent, and protected. The document establishes who is responsible for information under various circumstances and specifies what procedures shall be used to manage and protect it.

    The Mountain Brook Schools Data Governance Policy shall be a living document.  To make the document flexible, details are outlined in the Appendices.  With the Board’s permission, the Data Governance Committee may quickly modify information in the Appendices in response to changing needs.  All modifications shall be posted on the Mountain Brook Schools website.

    Resources for Committee

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