• How to Change Receiver Channel

    You would want to change the receiver channel if the receiver in your classroom is picking up responses from clickers in other classrooms.

    You will need to change the channel on the receiver AND setup each individual clicker.

    Change Channel on Receiver

    1.      Open the CPS software on your computer

    2.      Select Settings / Delivery Options

    3.      Click the Receiver tab

    4.      Change the Channel number and Click Apply

    Notice on that receiver that the displayed channel number has now changed.



    Change Each Individual  Clicker

    1. Press both top arrows
    2. Press + - key (plus/minus key)
    3. Type in new channel - send
    4. Type in address of that clicker (a number 1-32 located on top of clicker) 
    5. Send twice
    6. Clicker will power down. 
    7. When powered back on, it will change to TMA mode when teacher engages lesson.