• CPS Gradebook Setup for Clicker Data

    If you want student scores to appear next to the student name while using the CPS software and the clickers – you have to setup the gradebook portion.  This information can be exported for ExamView or into an excel spreadsheet.

    Step 1 – Setup CPS Gradebook

    Open the CPS software

    Report Tab then à Gradebook

                You may type in each class and each student or you may import from ExamView.

    • Welcome tab – check Use Points Based and check Including leading row…. à Next
    • Class Information tab – Select Import to import from Exam view or New to type in classes and student names. à Next
    • Grading Period tab – type in name for grading period and select dates. à Next
    • Example: SEM2         January 1, 2008 – May 29, 2008
    • Weighted Sets tab – only setup if you would like à Next
    • Letter Grades tab – change scale for A, B, C, D, F à Next
    • Class Participation tab – only setup if you would like à OK


    Step 2 – Assign Assessment to class

    • Click Assessment on left column
    • Select New
    • Fill in information


    Step 3 – Engage Activity

    • Engage the Activity but….make sure you click Assessment Setup and check Include in Gradebook