• Medication Policy



    I.              Introduction

    Many students with chronic illnesses and conditions are attending Mountain Brook City Schools and may require medication administration during school hours.


    II.            General Statement

    Students shall be discouraged from taking medicine during school hours.  The parent/guardian of the student shall provide written notification to the principal or his/her designee when it is necessary to administer medications to a student during school hours.  The taking of the medication shall be in accord with established procedures.

    Self-medication of emergency medications shall be allowed, provided written parental and physician authorization have been given.  Emergency medications may be kept in the student’s/teacher’s possession, provided that additional dosages are maintained in the school office.

    In addition to the above policy, students at Mountain Brook High School will be allowed to possess medications for their personal use, provided the medication is to be taken for two weeks or less and written parental authorization has been given to the school administrator or his designee.  The high school assumes no responsibility for these medications.

    Self-administration of a controlled substance is prohibited and constitutes a violation of the system’s safe and drug-free policy.

    School personnel will not administer over-the-counter medicine needed for acute illness.


    III.           Authorization for Administration

    The authority for licensed or unlicensed personnel administering prescribed medication to a student must come form the prescriber, when applicable, and the parent/guardian.  A parent/guardian may request the principal give a student medication based upon written instructions from the student’s physician.  The principal may designate school personnel to assist in administering medication.

    Injectable medications (excluding emergency medications, such as an Epi-Pen), may only be administered by a licensed nurse, the student’s parent or the student.

    The school nurse, if available, may assist with administration of medications, but not directly delegate the administration of medications to unlicensed personnel.

    The school nurse will work with the schools to set up safe and effective guidelines in medication administration and provide instruction to the person(s) designated by the principal to administer the medications.


    Approved:  April 13, 1992

    Replaced Policy J-20 Adopted January 22, 1979

    Revised:  December 11, 2000