Small groups can be created to suit the needs of small groups of students for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, classroom teachers will work with the counselor to create a small group to give general, but more in-depth guidance lessons on school success skills, anxiety management or friendship skills as well. Small groups like these will be created and communicated about through classroom newsletters or an email home to parents.
    The following small groups have been very common most school years. The formation of these small group depends on the ability to schedule them, the number of students in the same grade or close in age who need the group, and the group dynamics. Students in grades 3-6 will complete a student needs survey and can select a small group that they would like to particiapte in when they complete the survey. Parents who wish to refer their child or ask questions before making that decision should email Mrs. Witcher. If parents would like to talk about needs, a time can be arranged to meet.
    Banana Splits (Divorce Support) - This is a group available to students whose parents are divorced or are divorcing. Many kids find getting to talk about their experience with another kid who has been through their parents divorcing to be very relieving. Often our children feel like they are the only one whose parents are divorced and they really want to know other kids who have similar situations. 
    School Success Group - These are very small groups that will work on several executive function skills revolving around studying, organization and being prepared for school. This is being offered to 4th, 5th and 6th graders currently. Students, teachers and parents may refer students for this group. 
    Friendship Groups - These groups are sometimes boys and girls mixed, but more often than not, groups are formed for girls and boys separately. The goals of these groups are to work on building more friendship skills and learning avoid friendship problems.
    Anxiety Management - For students who struggle with anxiety, learning the brain function in anxious situations and how to manage that can be very helpful. This group will teach students parts of the brain involved in anxiety and lots of strategies for managing anxiety. 
    Grief Groups - Occasionally, small groups are formed for students who have had a major loss with the death of a close loved one. Even if a group can not be formed at school, the school counselor can schedule some individual counseling for a grieving student.