It is the policy of the Mountain Brook School System that a program of in-school suspension be implemented and maintained at the Junior and Senior High Schools.  In-school suspension is defined as the supervised confinement of a student to a designated room or area during school hours so that regular interaction with students and teachers is prohibited and so that the student is exclusively involved in a prescribed sequence of academic activities.


    Although in-school suspensions serves as an alternative to more severe forms of discipline, its purpose is to alert the student to the seriousness of his or her misbehavior by providing a rigorous program of activities in an austere environment.


    I.          Procedures


    A.              The student shall be clearly informed by the principal or by his or her designee of the offense with which he or she is being charged and of the evidence against him or her.  The student will be given an adequate opportunity to state his or her position regarding the alleged offense.


    B.            If, in the judgment of the principal, the student did commit the offense in question, the student may be assigned, by the principal, to a specified term of in-school suspension.  The length and beginning time and date of the term shall be at the discretion of the principal.


    C.             The student’s parent or guardian shall be notified by telephone and in writing of the student’s assignment to in-school suspension. Written notice shall provide the following information:


    1.             The nature of the offense (or offenses) of the student which precipitated the assignment.

    2.             The length of the assignment and beginning date.

    3.             A brief description of in-school suspension and applicable rules.




    Adopted:          November 16, 1987