It is the policy of the Mountain Brook Board of Education that a student may be expelled from school under the following circumstances:


    A.            After committing a Category II offense.

    B.            After committing a Category III offense.

    C.            After all reasonable measures to secure acceptable behavior in a student have failed.


    Expulsion is defined as the permanent removal of the name of a student from the attendance rolls of the school.  An expelled student will not be permitted on the campus of any school in the district nor will he or she be permitted to attend or participate in any school sponsored activity.


    A student who is expelled may petition the Board for reinstatement at some future time if the behavior and academic achievement of the student, subsequent to expulsion, indicate that such reinstatement is appropriate.


    I.          Procedures


    In the event that a student’s misbehavior is, in the opinion of the principal, severe enough to warrant expulsion, the procedures shall be as follows:

     A.            The student shall be clearly informed by the principal or by his or her designee of the offense with which he or she is being charged and of the evidence against him or her.  The student will be given an adequate opportunity to state his or her position regarding the alleged offense.

     B.            If, in the judgment of the principal or his or her designee, the student did commit the offense (or offenses) in question, the student shall be immediately suspended from school.

     C.            The principal shall immediately notify the student’s parent or legal guardian of the action taken, the reason or basis for the action, and what further action will be taken.

     D.            If the student is dismissed from school before the end of the regular school day, he or she must leave only in the company of his or her parent or legal guardian.

     E.            Within a period of time not to exceed ten (10) days, the Board of Education shall hold a hearing in order to render a decision concerning the expulsion of the student.  The Board of Education hearing relative to expulsion, as well as the preliminary steps concerning the hearing, shall comply with procedural due process criteria.  If the Board determines that the charges brought against the student are substantial, the student may be expelled from the Mountain Brook City Schools.

     F.            The Superintendent of Schools shall notify, in writing, the parent or legal guardian of the student, of the action taken by the Board.





    Adopted:  November 16,1987