It is the policy of the Mountain Brook Board of Education that a student may be suspended from school under the following circumstances:


    A.            After committing a Category II offense.

    B.            After committing any serious offense or exhibiting any serious misbehavior.


    All suspensions should be for a specified number of days, not to exceed five (5) school days.  Any deviation from said pattern shall require authorization from the Superintendent of Schools.  With such authorization, the principal may suspend a student until such time as the Board renders a decision on recommendations by the Superintendent of Schools for expulsion of said student, provided the Board renders a decision at the next regular meeting.


    I.          Procedures


    In the event that a student’s misbehavior is, in the opinion of the principal, severe enough to warrant suspension, the procedures shall be as follows:

     A.       The student shall be clearly informed by the principal or by his or her designee of the offense with which he or she is being charged and of the evidence against him or her.  The student will be given an adequate opportunity to state his or her position regarding the alleged offense.

     B.       If, in the judgment of the principal or his or her designee, the student did commit the offense (or offenses) in question, the student shall be suspended from school.

    C.       The principal shall immediately notify the student’s parent or legal guardian of the action taken, the reason or basis for the action, and what further action will be taken.

    D.         If the student is dismissed from school before the end of the regular school day, he or she must leave only in the company of his or her parent or legal guardian.



    Adopted:  November 16, 1987