MBJH Leadership- An Interview with Mr. Donald Clayton

  •  By Robert Dillard

    Recently, I had the privilege of interviewing our principal, Mr. Clayton about his experiences in the past two years as principal.  I asked him questions concerning the school and the whole environment.  The interview is as follows:

    Q1:  Now that you are in your second year of your principalship at MBJH, what do you say is your favorite part of the job?

    Mr. Clayton:  “My favorite part of the job, without question, is talking to and helping the students because I love being out in the hallway and the lunchroom.”

    Q2:  Is there anything you miss about the classroom since you got into administration?

    Mr. Clayton:  “I do miss the classroom.  I miss both teaching and coaching because I always like direct contact with students.  I do miss teaching because I think everyone goes to education in the first place because they love teaching.”

    Q3:  Last year the change was obviously the schedule and addition of AO and Sartan Period.  In addition, what are other changes or focusses that have been implemented this year?

    Mr. Clayton:  “This year, we’ve really just tweaked with a few things as far as lunches so that the students could have more common grade level lunches, because they really love eating with the common grade level.  And, obviously adding clubs, because we heard from the students last year that they wanted to be more active and do things during Spartan Period, so we implemented that.”

    Q4:  What impact have these new focusses had on our school and students?

    Mr. Clayton:  “Students for the most part have been enjoying the clubs and having a chance to participate in things that are in interest to them and also getting to plan and do things.”

    Q5:  How are parents and students responding to the changes now?

    Mr. Clayton:  “Things seem positive.  Several parents like the clubs and several students are appreciative of the grade level lunches because I know they like to have that time in the lunchroom.”

    Q6:  What immediate or long term goals do you have for MBJH?

    Mr. Clayton:  “Immediate goals for us to continue being overly successful and continue to provide the environment where students get to participate and be involved with their school.  Long term is hope that the school will be a resource for all students.

    I thank Mr. Clayton for his time and willingness to meet with me.  Our school is headed in a great direction with all of the new focuses and the continual commitment to doing what is best for students.  Soon, Mountain Brook Junior High will have a huge presence in our community and surrounding city because of these goals.  I think we can say Mountain Brook Junior High is in great hands.