Olivia Elam

Choir Interview with Olivia Elam

  • By Natalie Read

    Recently, Spartan Post writer interviewed MBJH choir member Olivia Elam about choir, the structure and her experiences.  


    SP: What is the structure of choir? Are there different types?

    OE: There are different types of choir, honors, concert and glee club.  Glee club is to offer time for students who couldn’t not fit choir into their schedule as an elective to be able to be a part of choir.  


    SP: What made you want to join choir?

    OE: I actually wasn’t sure I wanted to, but I’m glad I did because I am good. I found something I can excel at.                   


    SP: What is your role or job in choir this year?

    OE: I am the head of marketing.


    SP: What is your favorite part of choir or past event?

    OE: The musicals are my favorite. Past, present and future- The Little Mermaid, Guys N Dolls,


    SP: What is choir preparing for right now?

    OE: We just performed the winter show, and will begin new projects after the break.


    SP: Does choir have upcoming projects or performances?

    OE: Our holiday choir show was at Mountain Brook Presbyterian, and it focuses on Christmas and Hanukkah.  


    SP: Are there ways for other students who are not already in choir to get involved?

    OE: Yes, you can always join glee club.  It meets on Thursdays at 7:15 until 7:50 and then you can be in performances also.  

    Thank you to Olivia for providing us with an overview of choir, and for serving the Junior High with her involvement in the arts.