I.          Notification

    The Mountain Brook Board of Education is in compliance with the Code of Alabama Section 16-1-24-.1 which requires that school principals or their designee must notify appropriate law enforcement officials when any person violates local board policies in the following areas:

    ·         Drugs

    ·         Alcohol

    ·         Weapons

    ·         Actual or threatened physical harm to a person

    If the person in violation of the policy is an enrolled student, that student shall immediately be suspended from attending regular classes and a hearing shall be scheduled at the earliest possible date, which shall not be later than five school days.

    Under the Code of Alabama a person may be charged with a Class C felony if he or she deliberately causes serious physical injury to a teacher or to an employee of a public educational institution during the performance of his or her duty.


    II.         Periodic Unannounced Visits

    In compliance with the Alabama Administrative Code 290-030-010-06, the Mountain Brook School System will permit local law enforcement agencies to make periodic, unannounced visits to its schools for the purpose of detecting the presence of illegal drugs.






    Adopted:          December 11, 1995