• Chalkable

    • RE-POSTING - 1st nine weeks
      Posting will be turned on December 10th and 11th for reposting of 1st-9weeks grades.  
      This will help ensure accuracy of 1st-9weeks grades before averaging with 2nd-9weeks grades and semester exams for 1st semester averages. 

    • POSTING - 2nd nine weeks
      Posting for 2nd-9weeks grades will be turned on December 14th and will remain on until December 18th.  Posting will be turned on again on January 5th and remain on until 10:00 a.m. on January 8th.

    • Do not post over 100
      100 is the highest grade awarded by Mountain Brook Schools; therefore, no grades are to be posted to transcripts over 100.

    • “MA” (missing assignment) vs “I” (incomplete)
      We do not enter “I” for incomplete.
      We enter “MA” for missing assignment which calculates as “0”.  This reflects the actual grade earned at the time of posting.

    New Student(s) – 2nd nine weeks

    If you have a student that is new to your class or has changed periods during the 2nd nine weeks grading period, be sure to add the grade for the 1st nine weeks grading period as a DIRECT ENTRY in your gradebook prior to posting.


    Please make an extra effort to be sure all grades are accurate and complete prior to your final posting for 1st semester.  These grades will be posted to transcripts once grades have been verified and once grades have been posted to transcripts: 

    • Counselors will be sent a report the day all grades have been verified to make arrangements for any courses that need to be repeated.

    Transcripts will be printed and used for 2021-2022 academic year course selections