The Mountain Brook Board of Education strives to maintain safe buildings, grounds, and equipment in order to minimize accidents or injury to students, employees, and other citizens. Protection shall be provided from such dangers as fire, natural disasters, mechanical and electrical malfunction, and other avoidable hazards.

    Buildings shall be planned, equipped, and maintained in accordance with appropriate local, state, and federal building codes and safety regulations.

    Buildings shall be provided with fire and tornado alarm systems and fire extinguishers.

    Proper supervision of students and other citizens using the facilities shall be required at all times.

    The Superintendent shall develop a district wide safety program which coordinates the requirements of the Civil Defense program with appropriate local officials who serve the School District.

    Safety instruction, to include accident prevention and safety drills, shall be stressed at all grade levels. Expertise of fire prevention experts, health officials, and other community agencies shall be incorporated into the total safety program.

    First aid equipment shall be readily available, and at least one staff member should be competent to render first aid in an emergency.





    Adopted: December 11, 2006


    Readopted: October 11, 2010