It is the policy of the Mountain Brook Schools that a subject area and a Carnegie Unit toward graduation requirements are awarded to students in the eighth grade for the following courses:

    Algebra I


    Computer Applications

    Level I of any Foreign Language

    Credit will be awarded and the course and grade appear on the student’s transcript in addition to being calculated into the student’s cumulative grade point average.  If the student re-enrolls in the same course (Algebra I, Geometry, computer applications or any level I of a foreign language)  upon entering the 9th grade, credit for 8th grade is not awarded and the course does not appear on the high school transcript. The credit will be awarded in the 9th grade for that course.

    Credit for the same level course in two different foreign languages will not count toward the graduation requirements for an Advanced Academic or Advanced Academic with Honors diploma, but they may count as general elective credits.. 



    Adopted:  November 8, 2010

    Revised:  February 11, 2013

    Revised: November 10, 2014