The Mountain Brook Board of Education believes that the Mountain Brook school system belongs, in every sense, to the community and that the support of the community must be based upon information about, understanding of, and participation in the aims and efforts of the school system.

    The Board therefore reaffirms its intent to:

    A.    Keep community members regularly and thoroughly informed, through all channels of communication, about all policies, programs, and planning of the school system.

    B.    Welcome the advice and counsel of all members of the community at appropriate times.

    C.    Solicit the sound thinking and studied counsel of this community through a variety of methods deemed most appropriate by the Board.  These methods may include but not be limited to reports form the Academic Committees, the Athletic Committees, the Special Education Advisory Committee, the Student Services Committee, the Needs Assessment Committee, and the Enrichment Advisory Team.



    Constructive criticism concerning this school system is welcomed by the Board whenever it is motivated by a sincere desire to improve the quality of the education program or to assist the schools in carrying out their responsibilities more effectively.

    The Board has confidence in its professional staff and desires to support its actions.  The Board also wishes to emphasize that operational or administrative duties such as supervising personnel, implementing curriculum, teaching, coaching, and carrying out the day-to-day management of schools is the responsibility of qualified professional staff. Therefore, whenever a complaint or grievance concerning such operational activities is brought before the Board as a whole or before any of its members as individuals, that complaint or grievance will be referred to the school system administration for study and resolution.

    The Board advises the public that the proper channeling of complaints or grievances to the Board should involve contacting individuals in the following sequence:

    A.  Teacher, coach, specialist, or other non-administrative staff member against whom a grievance or complaint is directed. 

    B.      Principal (and Program Supervisor, if applicable). 

    C.   Superintendent

    D.       Board of Education 

    The Board will hear a community member’s complaint or grievance whenever it cannot be resolved by professional staff.  Matters referred to the Board must be in writing and signed and should be specific in terms of the action desired.  The Board will not consider or act on complaints or grievances that have not been explored at the appropriate administrative level.  Staff members who are the subject of complaints referred to the Board will be given the opportunity to respond in person to such complaints.  Complaints or grievances which involve the good name or character of an individual will be heard by the Board only in executive session.



    Adopted:  May 11, 1992