It is the policy of the Mountain Brook Board of Education that the Board may receive gifts or donations of equipment, services or money which serve to enhance and extend the work of the schools. 

    I.      Equipment and Supplies 

    A.    Individual or organizations desiring to contribute supplies or equipment will consult with school officials regarding the acceptability of such contributions in advance of the contribution.

    B.    Contributions of equipment or services that may involve significant costs for installation or maintenance, or initial or continuing financial commitments from school funds shall be presented by the Superintendent to the Board for consideration and approval.

    C.    Equipment contributed to the schools becomes the property of the Board and is subject to the same controls and regulations that govern the use of other school-owned property.

    D.    All school system staff members in a position to receive gifts in the name of the school or school system shall apply a test of “reasonableness” to such gifts.  For example, a gift is reasonable if it may not be construed as influencing decision-makers in the purchase of school-related goods and services.


    II.    Monetary Gifts 

          The Board strongly supports the mission of the Mountain Brook City Schools Foundation and encourages individuals or organizations to channel monetary gifts to the schools through the Foundation.  In those instances where monetary gifts are offered directly to the Board of Education, the following guidelines and procedures shall be applied: 

    A.    Non-Earmarked Monetary Gifts 

    All non-earmarked monetary gifts are welcome and appreciated by the Board provided that such gifts may not be construed as creating a conflict of interest on the part of the Board or any staff members of the school system.


    B.    Earmarked Monetary Gifts 

    Earmarked monetary gifts which are given for a specific purpose designated by the donor, including monetary gifts for the purpose of employing additional personnel in specific positions, may or may not be accepted by the Board at its discretion.  In the event that an earmarked gift is accepted, the following conditions must be met:


    1.     A proposal for an earmarked gift which involves employing additional personnel in specific positions, or a proposal which involves an amount of one thousand dollars ($1,000) or more, is presented by the Superintendent to the Board and receives the Board’s approval. 

    2.     It is made clear to the donor, in writing, that an earmarked monetary gift which is designated for the purpose of employing additional personnel in a specific position does not in any way alter the responsibility of such personnel; i.e., as is the case with all personnel employed by the Board, personnel hired through the use of donated funds are answerable and responsible only to the Board and its designees. 

    3.     An earmarked gift is for purposes which are in alignment with the goals and philosophy of the Mountain Brook school system. 

    4.     An earmarked gift does not create a significant imbalance in learning opportunities for students; for example, no one class or no one elementary school should receive an earmarked gift which will create marked inequities in the availability of programs, personnel, materials, equipment, or services to students of the Mountain Brook school system.






    A       Adopted:  November 9, 1992