First Grade February 14th

    EDay Page

     The assignments for eDay are due February 18th. Use the checklist from your teacher or click here to open and print the sheet.

    Language Arts:


    1.    Go to Listen to Reading on the first grade webpage.

    2.    Choose one fiction story from Storyline Online.

    3.    Tell someone in your family about your favorite character and why.

    4.    Click here to do an activity on capitalization. 

         5.    Click here to do an activity on nouns.

    These activities focus on skills from the following language arts standards: Phonics and Word Recognition, Key Ideas and Details in Reading Literature, and Conventions of Standard English.



    1.    Click here to do Xtra math.

    2.    Click here to do a telling time activity.


    Please click on the link to choose a special activity to do.

    Specials Activities