• Shields Up!


    The purpose of MBJH Wrestling is to facilitate the physical, mental, and emotional development of student athletes through one of humanity's oldest sports!

    Coach Eddie Crocker crockere@mtnbrook.k12.al.us 



    Updated 10.14.21

    Mountain Brook Wrestilng has a strong tradition of success and we hope to build on that success this season.  We are excited that you have chosen to wrestle.  On this page you will find a Google Doc that needs to be completed as well as our current schedule and our spirit pack info and orders are due by Monday, Oct 18th.  The store will reopen but don't have that date yet, obviousley late orders will be delivered late.  We will start practie on Monday, Oct 18 3:20-5:45.  We will plan to start practice in the wrestling room and as construction continues we will move to the lunchroom and possibly other locations as needed or required.  All DragonFly must be complete before anyone can participate.  Everyone will need wrestling shoes but if you are purchasing new ones there are some offered with the spirit pack or you may get them online or at Academy as well.  Head gears are also required and can be purchased online as well.  We will use a rapid communication contact that will send messages to your cell phone should there be information needed.

    I will update this section occasionally.  I hung signs with QR Code click and sign up for all our athletes.  Hopefully this makes joining the team easy for everyone.