• The Spartan Council is a group of 8th and 9th grade students who serve as a student leadership team at Mountain Brook Junior High School.  Chosen by teachers and the Spartan Council Leadership team in late spring for the following academic year, the Spartan Council students are courageous and service-minded.  They serve the school by organizing service projects, planning school assemblies, and being ambassadors for Mountain Brook Junior High School.


    Congratulations to the 2018-2019 Spartan Council


    8th Grade                                           

    Kendall C.

    Vaughn F.                                            

    Alaina L.                                              

    Ilana T.                                                

    Libby T.

    Trent  W.

    Jackson Y.


    9th Grade 

    Julianne A.                                

    Caroline B.                                   

    Virginia Kate B.                          

    Tommy B.

    Nelson C.

    Sarah C.

    Gray D.

    Jack E.                                  

    Hannah H.                                     

    Abbey H.

    George M.

    Crawford M.

    Coe M.                                     

    Parker Kate S.                               

    Emmaline S.

    Stella Y.