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  • BreakoutEDU LIVE-Very COOL-Check it out.

    Posted by Paula Stanbridge on 4/27/2020

    breakout image

    • To Play: visit BreakoutEDU.comlive 11AM PT/2 ET.
    • New episodes air every weekday.
    • Each episode is 5-10 minutes.
    • Questions start easy and gradually get more difficult.
    • Prizes are awarded daily. Must be in US to win.
    • All past episodes available at BreakoutEDU.com/live
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  • Use Explore, Explain, Apply to Plan Remote Learning Lessons

    Posted by Paula Stanbridge on 4/22/2020


    Teaching a lesson is a very top-down approach to learning. Teacher teaches. Student listens.

    There's a better way, though, and it's a great fit for lots of kinds of student learning. It's the Explore Explain Apply method.

    This method -- Explore Explain Apply -- is a GREAT fit for remote learning. 

    Let's compare it to the traditional approach we've used in classrooms for a long time. Then, let's see how it can be applied.

    Ditch That Textbook's article has excellent resources and templates. 

    explore explain apply image

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  • 3 Ways to See Your Students When Presenting Your Screen in Google Meet

    Posted by Paula Stanbridge on 4/22/2020
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  • Flipgrid Resource - Pre-made Grids - Learning From Home

    Posted by Paula Stanbridge on 4/21/2020

    home learning picture Checkout the Disco Library resource in Flipgird—premade grids that you can use with your students.

    One of the libraries featured is “Learning From Home” with 58 ready-to-use topics. . . .

    They also have a code.org library and an Epic library. 

    Click here.

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  • Video in eLearning Lesson & Youtube for K-6

    Posted by Paula Stanbridge on 4/20/2020

    Using Video in your eLearning Lessons when Youtube is Blocked for Students. (includes other video resources & if you have to use a youtube video, how to do it)

    1. Youtube is blocked for K-6 students when they are signed in to their Chromebook. Home devices are not blocked by MBS, but consider that parents may not want young students on Youtube on their home devices. Avoid linking to youtube videos for eLearning.
    2. Consider using a site we have a license for and students already have a login in Classlink. 
    3. Consider using sites that are unblocked for students. 
    4. Be diligent to be sure students can access whatever link you provide:
    5. IF you have to use a video from youtube, you’ll have to download the video, upload it to Eduvision and place the link behind a password--in your learning platform.

    More detail and directions here.

    video image

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  • Force Update Your Chromebook (Teachers and Students)

    Posted by Paula Stanbridge on 4/19/2020

    Please do the following (in the evening or at a time when you are not trying to use your Chromebook) to make sure it is updated:

    1. Restart Chromebook. Then make sure you are connected to your WIFI & sign in.
    2. Go to the Chrome Browser, 3 dots menu, Help, About Google Chrome.update image
    3. You may be prompted to click a Chrome OS Settings link to see if your device is up to date.
    4. If you see a Check for Updates button, click it. Chrome may start updating when you get to this screen like mine is showing below, or it may say you are up-to-date, or it may show the message below that it is nearly updated and needs a restart.
    5. When your Chromebook is finished running updates, restart. (Be very patient on the restart as updates will be applying. If it says “please wait” upon reboot, you may have to walk away and come back to give it time to finish.)
    6. Repeat the process to make sure your Chromebook is fully updated.

    Chromebooks that were used and restarted often on campus will have fewer updates needed. Students who received a loaner Chromebook that hasn’t been used in a while, those Chromebooks may have more updates.

    Thank you.



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  • Announcements-Tech Support for Parents, Guardian Email in Google Classroom, Chromebook Issues, Grid View Extension in Meet

    Posted by Paula Stanbridge on 4/17/2020

    5 Time Sensitive Tech Announcements - Tech Support for Parents, Brainpop down this weekend, Guardians emails in Google Classroom Today, Issues on Chromebooks Resolved

    FYI-Tech Support for Parents (Teachers – as always, you will continue to use IT Direct.)
    • For assistance with online assignments and classroom technology questions, logins, parents have been directed to contact the child’s teacher.
    • If you have a parent having an issue with their child’s Chromebook, technology assistance is available by filling out the Technology Assistance (TeleTech) form located on the Technology Assist web page. A member of the technology team will be available Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. to address form submissions, call parents to walk them through troubleshooting, and if needed make an appointment with the parent to come to Central Office to swap out the Chromebook.
    o If parents fill out the form with a question that is about an assignment, that call will be routed to the child’s teacher.
    • If parents want to speak with someone directly in the technology department, they can call 205-877-8304; and for email support related to technology issues, they can email mbssupport@mtnbrook.k12.al.us.
    • Parents can also visit the Mountain Brook Schools Technology Assist web page for troubleshooting guides
    Brainpop Maintenance

    Brainpop has informed us that they have scheduled routine maintenance for this weekend. As a result, our sites may be down for a period, or you may experience intermittent issues during that time. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but even a well-oiled machine needs to be serviced from time to time! The good news is that our engineers are hard at work to make our product even better for our community of parents and educators.
    Keep an eye on our social media and check status.brainpop.com for real-time updates.
    Be wary if trying to make assignments this weekend!
    Google Classroom Guardians

    The MBS Technology Team will be added guardian emails to Google Classroom district-wide on April 17. All guardians on record for each student will be added.
    The primary goal of this update is to provide MBS guardians of students utilizing Google Classroom with safe and equitable parent access while also improving their ability to monitor and support student learning. A secondary goal is to assist teachers in streamlining parent communication as well as to alleviate the potential workload of uploading individual parent emails. When guardian emails were added, parents received an email invitation to become a Classroom Guardian to their student. When individual guardians opt in, they will begin receiving regular, automatic email summaries for each of their students. Guardians can choose and even update the frequency of the emails—daily or weekly—and can unsubscribe at any time.
    Guardian email summaries include:
    • Missing work — Work that is late at the time the email was sent
    • Upcoming work — Work that is due today and tomorrow (for daily emails) or work that is due in the upcoming week (for weekly emails)
    • Class activity — Announcements, assignments, and questions recently posted by teachers

    Guardians cannot access Classroom, view your class stream, or see any other students or their work. Click here to preview a sample Guardian Email Summary.

    While the district Technology Team added guardian emails to Google Classrooms, Guardian Email Summaries are turned off for Classrooms by default. We strongly urge teachers to turn Guardian Email Summaries on so your parents can receive these helpful summaries when it becomes active. To learn how to turn on Guardian Email Summaries for your class click here.

    Teachers, please communicate the following with your parents: (the following is written in a way that you can copy and paste into your email to your parents for your convenience)

    • You have received an email to become a Google Classroom Guardian for each of their children, that it came from Jason Falconer, our network admin 
    • Please accept the invitation, & you can expect to receive (missing work, upcoming work, and class activity)
    • You can choose the frequency with which you will receive these email summaries. and you they can opt out at any time
    • Visit the links to the “Classroom Email Summaries for Guardians” and/or the “Guardian Email FAQs” articles if you want more information

    Chromebook Issues Today (Seesaw, Google Forms, Meet)

    Apparently our iBoss filter had an update which we were unaware was happening. When the update happened, it broke the connection to some of our applications like Seesaw & Google Forms. That update has now been sent to all Chromebooks.
    Please encourage your students to restart their Chromebooks to get the update. If you have a student report they are still having connections issues, please ask them to restart their Chromebook again.
    Also, teachers, you need to restart your Chromebook.
    Google Meet Grid View Issue

    We force installed the Google Meet Grid View extension to your Staff and Student Chromebooks. But Google Meet Grid View extension had an update. It should have updated automatically on your Chromebook. If your Grid View is not working, you/your students will need to remove it & re-add it. So we have changed that extension from “forced” to “allowed” which should give you & your students the rights to remove and re-add it. You can remove an extension by right clicking it and selecting “Remove from Chrome”. You can re-add the extension by going to the Chrome web store and installing it.



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  • How to Scan Hard Copy of Document to Google Drive using Your iPhone

    Posted by Paula Stanbridge on 4/16/2020

    The following is from the MBJH Coordinator, Angie’s session today. The directions are for an iPhone.
    It is GREAT for teachers to “scan” a hard copy (or page from a book) as a pdf using your phone and upload directly to your Google Drive.

    Students can also do this in order to “turn in” work they’ve done on paper. 

    This would likely be for some of our older students. Basically they could use their phone (or parent’s phone) to do this. They have to have the Google drive app downloaded and be signed in as the student, and they are using the built in Notes app that comes on all iPhones. If you don’t think your kids can do this, or don’t have access to an iPhone, of course, just use the info for your own use.

    how to scan image
    7. Once you have the document scanned in to the note, you can use the send tool in Notes to send to your Google Drive.

    Then when you are back on the Chromebook, you can attach it to an assignment in your Learning Platform, and if you decide to offer to your students, they can also attach their file to an assignment the teacher made in Google Classroom or Canvas. You might have to do a little Live Meet to show the students how to do this or offer it as an option.

    Entire Handout

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  • PBS Learning Media Resource

    Posted by Paula Stanbridge on 4/15/2020

    Checkout this overview of PBS Learning Media & how to assign learning videos directly to Google Classroom from this site.
    pbs image

    Go to PBS Learning Media.

    • Save & Organize Resources
    • See State Standards
    • Manage Assignments (no student login required)
    • Create Lessons, Puzzles, Quizzes. . .


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  • Screencastify Free Update

    Posted by Paula Stanbridge on 4/14/2020

    GOOD NEWS! Screencastify the #1 recording tool for Chrome is extending free access to unlimited length of recordings including video editing tools from April 30 to May 31! (with CAST_COVID code)

    Message from the company:
    The Screencastify Squad has been closely monitoring school closures around the world, and we've decided to extend your Unlimited access through May 31. As a reminder, this includes unlimited screen/webcam recording and video editing.
    You can ignore your subscription's expiration date in your account - it may be incorrect. We are managing your access from our backend.


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