CES Technology Leaders

  • Kindergarten: Emily McGuire
    First Grade:  Chelsey Summerow
    Second Grade: Erin Cain
    Third Grade:  Kate Snow
    Fourth Grade:  Scott McKerley
    Fifth Grade:  Bill Garner
    Sixth Grade:  Elizabeth Studinka
    Special Subjects: Laura Butler
    Library Media: Ruth Moore
    Special Education: Amy Dern, Heather Phillips
    Administrator: Christy Christian
    District Tech Director: Suzan Brandt
    Building Tech Coordinator: Paula Stanbridge


About CES Technology

    • CES Classrooms are equipped with a projector, teaching computer, DVD/VCR, sound system, document camera. In place of a projector, the Preschool, Library, & Grade K-1 classrooms are equipped with an interactive/touch Promethean Display with ActiveInspire software for teaching and learning. The library, Spanish, Grade 2 & 6 and one 5th grade classrooms have an interactive/touch ViewSonic Display for use with teaching and learning.
    • CES has 1 Chromebook for every student PreK-6.
    • Grades K-6 have a grade level set of iPads, at least 12 in each grade level with more in K and 1.
    • Specials, Special Ed and PE have a small set of iPads from which they have iPads in their area.
    • CES teachers have Chromebook assigned to them for use in professional learning and teaching.
    • CES has a set of Google Expeditions for Virtual Reality experiences that can be checked out school-wide.
    • CES utilizes multiple robots & technology including Beebots, Dash& Dot, Sphero, MakeyMakey, Littlebits, LegoWedo, VexRobIQ, Bloxels, Osmos.
    • CES has a Lantronix print server so that our iPads and uses Google Cloud Print Service on our Windows servers so that our Chromebooks will print to our K-6 & Library network printers.
    • All CES computers have copier printing capabilities. Each grade level/area/office has a network printer in close proximity. 
    • The CES Library has several search stations as well as a set of Chromebooks for use with classes. They also have multiple laptops for staff use. 
    • CES Staff work areas have several laptops for staff use.
    • CES K-6 teachers and students utilze Schoology as the Learning Management Platform.
    • All CES teachers and students have Google accounts for use with Google Drive. Student Google Gmail is restricted for K-5 students and filtered for grade 6 students. 
    • Google Meet is our official schoolwide Conferencing platform.
    • All CES students and staff have a Microsoft 365 accounts. 
    • All CES students and staff have a personal network drive and a shared drive space that is backed up on our server. 
    • All CES teachers and students have Brainpop, Discovery Ed, Savvas Realize, Stemscopes, Code.org (K-5) or Tynker, (6th) IXL, Typing Agent accounts for school and home usage.
    • Grades 5 & 6 Staff and Students have Wevideo accounts.
    • CES students and staff have online textbook access Social Studies.
    • CES teachers and students have access to collaborative space with an Interactive Projector/Whiteboard, Broadcast/Green Screen Equipment, Interactive panel/table with Snowflake software, 3D Printer. The conference room and library are also set up with an Interactive Projector.
    • CES teachers and students have access to ClassLink where they can store login information for online programs and access network, Google & 365 in one place from any device from school or home.
    • CES has a Zspace in our 5th grade science classroom for Augmented/Virtual Reality experiences in the classroom.
    • CES teachers and students use Seesaw for engaging learning, student voice, home connection, student portfolios, etc.