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  • Google Classroom -Making a DRAFT assignment

    Posted by Paula Stanbridge on 3/26/2020

    If you want to create an assgnment to have ready but that students can't see. . .

    Here is your quick little how to movie about creating Drafts (materials, questions and assignments students can't see yet that you can go in later and make viewable) and on changing/adding due dates or removing due dates on existing materials, questions and assignments.

    (Hope you find this to be a quick, helpful resource--pardon any background noise please as I am at home with little people and noises.)

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  • eLearning - Recording Tools

    Posted by Paula Stanbridge on 3/24/2020

    Tools to Record Lessons from Teacher Chromebook:

    Sometimes you need to record your computer screen, and sometimes you need to just record yourself. One of these three tools should do the trick.

    Click here for more information on each of the following tools.

    • Screencastify Chrome Extension
    • Video Recorder Chrome web app
    • Google Meet
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  • Practice Video Conference with your Students

    Posted by Paula Stanbridge on 3/12/2020

    Teachers, Do a practice video conference with your students today or tomorrow. . .

    As promised, how to’s on Video Conferencing with your Students in Google Classroom and Canvas - We are keeping it simple. 

    To Do: Try adding a video conference to your Canvas or Google Classroom. Practice in class with your students to be sure you know how to add a conference & they know how to join.

    Be sure that you and your students know to always, if prompted, ALLOW the microphone and webcam, and to be screen readers and if prompted to enable or allow something on their device to make this work.

    (5th and 6th grade teachers) Canvas-Use Big Blue Button under Conferencing
    Teacher and Student Directions

    (K-4th grade teachers) Google Classroom-Use Google Hangout Meet
    Teacher Directions

    (There are other ways to start and join a Google Meet, but we decided to show you one way just to keep it simple. If you find that sending a link to your parent contact group via email or putting a link in your Classroom works better for you, that is fine too.)

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  • Online Learning-What does Blended Learning Look Like?

    Posted by Paula Stanbridge on 3/12/2020

    Click the picture below for a larger copy (so you can read the text).

    blended learning image

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  • Canvas Online Learning (5th and 6th grade teachers)

    Posted by Paula Stanbridge on 3/12/2020

    5th and 6th grade teachers, we recently had a full day of excellent Canvas Training for all teachers in the district. It was geared toward beginners, so many of our experienced Canvas users did not attend. However, if you were unable to attend or if you need a few reviews on Canvas--any task you'd like to do, you can visit these two resources for quick help: 

    Mountain Brook Canvas Help

    Youtube Play List of Canvas Help


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  • Online Learning (Add Admins to Your Class)

    Posted by Paula Stanbridge on 3/12/2020

    Here are directions to add your administrators to your Google Classroom & your Canvas Courses. Christy wanted me to remind you that this is also how you would also add your student’s special education teacher.

    Directions below:

    How to add your admins to your Google Classroom

    How to add your admins to your Canvas Course (Note you can't add the admins as a teacher, but an observer.)

    How to videos created in 2 min with Screencastify, your go-to-tool for recording instruction for your eLearning.

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  • Screencastify for Online Learning

    Posted by Paula Stanbridge on 3/9/2020

    I’m not sure how to make a quick recording (with my Chromebook) of something I want to teach my students, & I know I may need to do this if I am to deliver instruction in an emergency school closing . . .

    You are invited to a Screencastify How To Session

    When: Thursday, March 12, 20 minute session, any time from 8:30-3:30
    Where: CES Tech Office, Room 121
    RSVP: Reply to this email if you plan to participate, give me a time you are coming & bring your Chromebook.

    Click, click, classroom flipped!
    • Teachers make learning more personal by recording bite-sized lessons, assignment solutions & explanations
    • Integrates with Google (Sign-On with Google)
    • Auto save to Google Drive & one click Share to Google Classroom
    • Quickly & easily added to Canvas

    (10 min)
    • Add the Screencastify extension to your Chrome browser
    • Go through the Screencastify first time user-set up
    • Watch Paula record a video, see it auto save to her Google Drive & with a click, watch her share to her Google Classroom
    (10 min)
    • Practice recording your video & seeing it auto save to your Google Drive
    • Discuss recording options—just the screen, the screen and your voice, the screen your voice and video of you

    Feel free to stay longer for practice or Q&A.

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  • 2 Extensions Pushed-My Viewboard & Promethean Screenshare

    Posted by Paula Stanbridge on 3/6/2020

    The following 2 Chrome Extensions have been forced & pinned to all K-5th grade Student Chromebooks per your request after the instruction we received this week. These extensions allow students to quickly & easily share their Chromebook screen with the ViewSonic or Promethan Interactive Displays in our classrooms. (Our containers for pushing extensions are not subdivided by grade. We have one group for K-5th, so your students had to get both extensions.
    • MyViewboard
    • Promethean ScreenShare

    The myViewBoard extension was force & pinned to all 6th grade student Chromebooks.
    Students will need to restart their Chromebooks.

    Teachers, you will have to add the extension you want to your teacher Chromebook. A quick way to do that is:
    1. Google Search “myViewBoard extension” or “Promethean Screen Share”.
    2. When you open it in the webstore, click Add to Chrome.


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  • Google Classroom Online Learning

    Posted by Paula Stanbridge on 3/5/2020

    I’ve seen it; I may have used it a little, but I need a reivew. . .Or I am not quite sure I’m ready to teach from it in an emergency school closing . . .

    You are invited to a: Google Classroom Review Session

    When: Tuesday, March 10, 3:00-3:30PM
    Where: CES Tech Office, Room 121
    RSVP: Reply to this email if you plan to participate & bring your Chromebook.

    • Getting Started-how to create your classroom and add your students
    • Using Stream to make an announcement.
    • Adding a Question in Classwork.
    • Adding a URL Link as an Assignment in Classwork.

    • Adding a Google Doc as an Assignment in Classwork.
    • Adding a Quiz Assignment in Classwork.
    • Previewing/commenting on/returning student work

    (3:30-4:00) Optional work Q & A time I will be available if you want to stay


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  • Specials Online Learning

    Posted by Paula Stanbridge on 3/3/2020

    Specials/PE –just wanted to touch base with you. . . (this is not official—just a heads up & information in case you want to be proactive & because a couple of you have asked “what about me”)
    • Below is the updated Online Learning/eDay information from the district that I shared with K-6 teachers.
    • You also received the email from Dr. Barlow regarding online instruction in the case of school closing.
    • It has been made clear that it is the expectation of classroom teachers K-6 to have their students in a learning platform (Google Classroom or Canvas) and to be able to deliver instruction & receive feedback/assignments from students digitally in case of school closings, but. . .
    • The quesiton was asked, “What about elementary specials and pe?”

    I am not yet sure how online learning will look for specials, but. . .

    To be pro-active, my suggestion at this point, would be to make sure you have an updated list of online resources related to your curriculum posted on a sub page of your website linked from the left navigation bar with the name “Online Learning/eDay Resources”. It might just be a few links. I would suggest that, if nothing else, you ALL at least link to some of the Brainpop lessons since all of our students have access to Brainpop & Brainpop has vetted, quality, age-appropriate lessons that would relate to some part of your curriculum.

    • All of our students go to Brainpop through Classlink, and it just passes them through, so logging in for the students is not a problem.
    • To explore topics to find a specific unit/lesson, there is a Brainop folder on your desktop. You can sign in as you to any desktop at CES and access Brainop without having to login.
    • It is never advised to tell students to go to Brainpop and explore as there are some units on reproduction, etc.
    • See in the email I sent, the topics and units. Within those units, are several realted lessons with a movie & various other digital resouces/ways students can interact with the topic.

    Additional resource our students can access from Classlink is the Alabama Virtural Library where you could point them to particular online books related to your content as well. (not to mention the resources in Classlink that our library provides for all of our students like PebbleGo,  Tumblebooks, Bookflix, etc.

    As always, for resources in our Classlink, you would post a statement on your website that all students should access Brainpop, AVL, PebbleGo, etc throught Classlink since they require logins and Classlink passes our students through to the resource. (We don’t post username and passwords on the web.) If you have a website you want them to explore, they would not go through Classlink for that, you would just post the link as no login is required for those type websites.

    In addition, you may have some offline activities posted on your website for students to do--excercises, reading a book, drawing a picture, listening to music, journaling, etc. 

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