Well, we did it! Congrats to the entire band for creating our Spring Concert. Each student in the video practiced, recorded and uploaded their performance  - we are proud of the results! Take a moment and watch the concert with your family and friends!




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  • band  BAND BANQUET 2020!

    Help us celebrate our band seniors! Everything you love about the banquet and you don't even have to dress up. Gather around the TV and enjoy the video.

    Band Banquet Video 2020 (SEARCH)


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  • Band  COVID-19


    I hope this note finds you well and healthy. As you are all aware, many programs have been effected by the COVID-19 virus and we as a band program are actively planning on making the best of the situation presented. I often tell the kids my most favorite quote from John Lennon, "Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans." 


    Here are some items to help students properly maintain their instruments as well as prepare for practicing on their own for an extended period:


    1. TAKE YOUR INSTRUMENT HOME. If you need to borrow a music stand, please use the folding stands available at the HS or JHS band rooms. Most beginning students purchased portable stands at the beginning of the school year. Be sure to take home binders, method books, music. If you are forward thinking, you can begin preparing for Solo and Ensemble. We would like to continue preparation for all concerts and activities in the event that we are able to perform.

    2. CLEAN YOUR INSTRUMENT PROPERLY using only proper cleaning products. In class we have discussed proper methods for taking care of your instruments after practicing. Be sure to only use products that will not harm your instrument in any way. If you have specific questions, do not hesitate to ask.

    3. Be sure to keep your practice area clean. Wipe down doorknobs, chairs, stands, mutes, and any other items used for practice. After practicing, wash your hands. Last, a small amount of disinfectant spray can be used in your case (be sure your instrument is NOT in the case. Let your case and instrument dry after cleaning.

    4. FIND TIME EACH AND EVERY DAY TO PRACTICE.​ Schedule your practice time as you would to schedule time to complete academic assignments. Plan your practice time to aid you in your other studies. Have your instrument in a visible location - it wants and needs the attention!  


    Now that Mtn Brook Schools moved to an online or EDay format, the band directors will communicate goals and objectives for each level of our program. Be sure to check the websites and email for specific assignments and responsibilities. Video assignments will be part of the requirements and we will be sure to provide materials and methods to make the process as easy as possible.



    Of course, musicians are a funny bunch - many of us look forward to the idea of being able to sequester ourselves into a small room and do nothing but practice our craft! Hopefully your instrument will bring you a bit of joy over the extended break.



    Jason Smith

    James Rogers

    Michelle Beck 



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  • band  Planet Fundraiser

    Planet Fundraiser has returned! PF is our newest ongoing fundraiser designed to raise money for the entire band program.  By simply shopping in PF sponsored locations (there are 100's) and following a few simple instructions provided on the PF mobile app, you can provide funds for our band program. This program is ongoing, so when you make a purchase from participating vendors and send a picture of your receipt via the PF app, percentages of sales will be provided for instruments, instruction, and supplies. Please follow the link and download the app TODAY!



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  • Band   75th Anniversary Normandy

    Normandy - Omaha Beach

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  • Band   75th Anniversary Pearl Harbor

    Hawaii Band cast members

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  • Band   Selected Book Reading - 23 Seconds to Eternity

    Great historical novel by local author, Jim Noles.  Click HERE to read!  Under ebooks, click on the title of the book, 23 Seconds to Eternity (you will need to login with your username and password).  The book is accessable to read thanks to the Mountain Brook Library!

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