Student Support Team

  • The purpose of the Student Support Team (SST) is to help guide general education intervention services for all students who have academic or behavior difficulties. The SST supports the school’s successful implementation of the Response to Instruction (RtI) framework.

    The purpose of the RtI framework is to combine core instruction, assessments and intervention within a multi-tiered system to increase student achievement and to reduce behavior problems. 

    Response to Instruction is defined as:

    "an instructional framework that promotes a well-integrated system connecting general, gifted, supplemental, and special education services in providing high quality, standards-based instruction and intervention that is matched to students’ academic, social-emotional, and behavioral needs. RtI combines core instruction, assessment, and intervention within a multi-tiered system to increase student achievement and reduce behavior problems."  (Response to Instruction: Alabama's Core Support for All Students)

    Providing differentiated, scientific, research-based core instruction and interventions are key elements of the RtI framework.

    The SST is responsible for the decisions which ensure that:

    1. students receive instruction and interventions matched to their identified needs,
    2. appropriate progress monitoring tools are utilized to provide evidence of students’ response to instruction and intervention, and
    3. progress monitoring data are used to make timely instructional decisions which maximize student outcomes.

    If you have questions about the Student Support Teams in each school please contact your school's assistant principal, Director of Instruction, Missy Brooks, or Assistant Director of Instruction, Lanie Kent.