• We are excited to announce that May 2015 marks the beginning of a two-year capital campaign to provide needed updates and improvements to the three common spaces used by all students at Mountain Brook High School: the library, the mall and the lunchroom.

    Transformation 2017
    • Significantly increased seating in the library, mall and lunchroom
    • Lunchroom becomes a multipurpose space for school events
    • Charging stations for student devices
    • Individual, collaborative and class work spaces
    • Grab-and-go lunch cart for the mall
    • Overall modernization and improved functionality

    Students worked with architects and designers to address the best use of the mall and lunchroom.  The new design for the mall will feature ergonomic furniture that will provide flexible seating that is extremely durable and easy to clean.  A grab-and-go lunch cart will offer students the ability to purchase food as they change classes.  In the redesigned lunchroom, students will be able to gather in a booth and eat lunch while working in a bright, open and inviting new space.

    The transformed library will include technology upgrades and increased seating that will allow students to work individually and in groups, while dedicated classroom areas will allow our teachers to best prepare our students to learn in an ever-changing environment.  Currently, our library is used by over 900 students per day with seating for 60 students.

    Please visit https://www.mtnbrook.k12.al.us/domain/1169 to view design plans and learn more about our fundraising efforts, donor levels, and how to contribute to this important campaign. 

    Our community has always been united in our belief of the importance of education for our students.  I hope you will support MBHS as we take our next steps to ensure a continued tradition of excellence.

    Amanda Hood, Principal | Elizabeth Farrar, Campaign Chair |
      Dr. Lyle Cain, Corporate Liaison | Mr. Sam Tortorici, Corporate Liaison |
    Mr. Marc Brant Tyson, Corporate Liaison