MBS Technology Overview

  • Mountain Brook Schools is a tech savvy school district where achievement and innovation are common.  Each of our six schools maintain a wireless and wired LAN and are connected via a one MB WAN.  Our teachers utilize their presentation computers, mounted data projectors, digital document cameras, and sound enhancement systems daily to provide an effective education for every one of our students.  
    Students work collaboratively using iPads or Chromebooks in all of our elementary grades or work individually using wireless laptops at a 1:3 ratio.  Secondary students use Chromebooks and laptops (1:3 ratio) to engage in real world experiences and solve problems in our rigorous learning environment.
    Technology in Mountain Brook is not just used for instruction.  From our water sprinklers to our air conditioning controllers, from accounting to technology support, from online registration to online payment, every department in our school system uses technology to work more effectively and efficiently.

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