• Mountain Brook High School Mission Statement 

    The mission of Mountain Brook High School is to provide a learning environment that encourages each individual to reach his or her potential intellectually, physically, creatively and emotionally.
    Mountain Brook High School Belief Statements 
    1. Faculty and staff members are highly trained, well-educated professionals who are dedicated to the pursuit of excellence.
    2. Our learning environment promotes high expectations and clear goals which guide curriculum.
    3. Both oral and written communications between parents, students, community members and school personnel are effective and efficient, reflecting trust and mutual respect.
    4. Community members, parents, students, administrators, faculty and staff share in the responsibility for making decisions that support the learning environment within our school.
    5. Students become innovative and creative risk takers when provided with learning opportunities in which these skills are supported by a nurturing environment.
    6. Each student is a respected member of our student body.
    7. Our highest priority is that each student achieves his or her potential.
    8. Student assessment is directly connected to student learning.
    9. Students need challenging opportunities to prepare them for postsecondary institutions or whatever they do following high school.
    10. Students need an awareness of their individual roles in the global community.
    11. The lives of students gain both balance and enhanced meaning through volunteer experiences in the community at large.
    12. Our school aids student in the development of positive character traits which lead to integrity.
    13. Our educational program involves the community through athletic, cultural, and academic events, which results in the enrichment, enjoyment and use of school facilities.
    14. The prevalence of addictive substances threatens students’ physical and academic lives, as well as their future endeavors.