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    Music Tech  

    Gary Weatherly - Email: weatherlyg@mtnbrook.k12.al.us

    Course Description:

    This course is an introduction to the use of computers in music production, music notation, music education, and audio visual techniques. Basic software and concepts in visual and music technology will be emphasized. Sources, selection, evaluation, creation, and implementation of electronic media for the musician and videographer will be covered.

    Course Goals:

    • Identify the basic components of a computer workstation and their function.
    • Demonstrate and understanding of common MIDI and audio applications for notation, sequencing, loop based composition, software instruments, and accompaniment software.
    • Demonstrate the ability to utilize a computer workstation (hardware, software, and the Internet) to create musical compositions and multimedia presentations.
    • Create original compositions, sound effects, voice-overs, and demonstrate music and sound editing for a variety of mediums.
    • Understand the basics of Music Theory.


    Projects – 60% -  Students will be graded on each assigned project and the quality of content.

    Music Ace – 30% - Music Ace Lessons and Assessment.

    Class Ethics – 10% - Regular attendance and class work ethic.


    Class Policies:

    • No food and drink allowed in the lab.
    • Students are expected to treat all equipment with care and respect.
    • No internet surfing outside of class projects
    • No downloading and streaming programs off the Internet (See the Student Handbook)
    • Do not alter computer settings and properties of the lab computers without permission.