Mountain Brook Schools

"Providing an effective, challenging, and engaging education for every one of our students"

  • All decisions in Mountain Brook Schools will be guided by the well being of students and student learning.

  • Mountain Brook Schools purpose statement is evidenced by the practice of rigor and relevance of work, and relationships among stakeholders.

  • Mountain Brook Schools recruits, employs and retains the best qualified professionals who exemplify the values and purpose of the school system.  Each student will know there are adults in each school who know them and advocate for their needs.

  • Mountain Brook Schools will encourage thinking about schools and education in innovative ways.

  • Mountain Brook Schools will earn the confidence of all stakeholders by the wise use of our resources, consistent with our purpose statement, in partnerships with the community.

  • Mountain Brook Schools will celebrate and encourage the individual, unique abilities and talents of students and will provide opportunities for students to showcase their abilities and talents.

  • Mountain Brook Schools will encourage a culture of lifelong learning for all stakeholders and will provide and support quality, ongoing, professional development for all staff.

  • Mountain Brook Schools will respect the balance between the need for homework and academic achievement with the need to help preserve family time and for students to have a balanced life.

  • Mountain Brook Schools will provide a safe and respectful environment at school and school activities.

  • Mountain Brook Schools will prepare students for new challenges related to career and college readiness.