District Profile


    Mountain Brook Schools is the K-12 public school system serving the city of Mountain Brook, Alabama, a suburb of Birmingham. Founded in 1959, the system includes six schools — four elementary, one junior high, and one high school. Enrollment is usually around 4,400 students and has been stable for a number of years. 

    The school system has 687 employees, including 458 certified teachers or other professionals. The other 229 employees are support staff in such positions as secretarial-clerical, bookkeeping, maintenance, custodial, and child nutrition workers, along with teacher aides. 

    The six schools have 15 administrators (six principals and nine assistant principals) among them. In addition, a staff of 11 administrators supports the school system at the central office level. These positions include Superintendent of Schools, Director of Instruction and Special Education, Assistant Director of Instruction, Director of Personnel, Chief School Financial Officer, Director of Facilities, Director of Technology, Director of Child Nutrition, Director of Student Services and Community Education, Professional Development Specialist and Communications/Public Relations Specialist. In addition, the district has a psychometrist, a school psychologist, a behavioral specialist, and special service providers, such as speech-language, physical and occupational therapists, and social skills coaches.

    The school system is governed by a five-member Board of Education whose members are appointed by the City Council of Mountain Brook for staggered five-year terms. This group formulates the policies that govern the system. The day-to-day operation of the school system is entrusted to the Superintendent of Schools, who is appointed by the Board of Education. The school system also must comply with the regulations of the State Board of Education, a body of eight elected officials, which oversees state educational policies. Since the school system receives about 2% of its annual revenues from the federal government, there are certain program and paperwork requirements that must be met in accordance with federal guidelines. However, since the system does not qualify for funds for some federal programs and chooses not to participate in others, any federal requirements imposed upon the system have been minimal to this point in time.

    The school system enjoys a high level of community support. An extremely high percentage of parents choose to join their local PTO organization. Schools never lack parent volunteers and parents are called upon not only for financial support but also to assist with a variety of support activities. Families also donate to the Mountain Brook Schools Foundation, which holds an endowment standing at approximately 11 million dollars and awards the district around $500,000 annually. Additionally, All In Mountain Brook is a community-based organization that provides additional support for students and families and works closely with the school district.

    Mountain Brook is a high-performing school district, ranking in the top 100 STEM schools, and top performing non-magnet school in the state. Regarding the senior class of 2022, the vast majority (95%) attend a four-year university this fall. Our graduating seniors attained an average score of 26.7 on the ACT. Of all students who took an AP exam, 84% scored three or higher.  Mountain Brook High school boasts 24 National Merit Finalists in the class of 2024 and more athletic state championships than any other school in the state. We continually strive to ensure that we do our best to provide an effective, challenging, and engaging education for every one of our students.