• College Advising at MBHS

    At Mountain Brook High School, we work with students and their families through the college application and selection process. Through one-on-one meetings, classroom guidance, and special events like the College Admission Workshop we strive to help families understand the college admission process and lessen the stress associated with selecting a college. Our goal is that each student builds a strong profile, both inside and outside the classroom, enabling the student to make a positive college match.

    Students and parents are encouraged to reach out to the college advising office with any questions about the application process.

    College Advising Staff:

    Mrs. Karen Svetlay
    College Advisor for students whose last names begin with A-K.

    Mrs. Whitney Voltz
    College Advisor for students whose last names begin with L-Z.

    Mrs. Elizabeth Lowman
    College Advising Assistant


    Stay on Track

     Take the most challenging classes appropriate for you. Advanced, AP classes, or demanding electives – rigor of curriculum is important.

     Get involved in activities that interest you – sports, the arts, community service, clubs, working, etc.

     Make the most of your summers through activities, work, or experiences that interest you. Many colleges offer pre-college programs.

     Begin college campus visits early to get a feel for what types of schools appeal to you.

     Attend college visits at MBHS in the fall. Visits are listed in Naviance and the College Visits calendar on the College Advising website.

     Attend the College Admission Workshop at MBHS in January.

     Meet with your College Advisor to talk through your college search process.