• MBHS Nurses Notes….



    Medication and Immunizations!



    If your children needs a prescription or over the counter medicine while at school click the Medication Form link and print the Parent/Prescriber Permission form. A parent must sign this form in both places indicated at the bottom of the form. This is required before any medication may be dispensed. A physician only needs to sign this form if it is a prescribed medication that you get from a pharmacy. All medications MUST be provided and brought in by a parent or guardian.



    It is Alabama state law that all students attending public school have a current vaccination (blue form) on file. We are the watchdogs to these forms, we may need to contact you to update or provided us with a current form. If your child’s form is about to expire, I will send you a letter, email, and or call you to remind you 4-6 weeks before the expiration date.


    If the Alabama State Blue Form is not current at the time of registration, your child may not be allowed to complete the registration process. Please call me if you have any questions.


    The health room is a friendly place. Please drop by any time.


    Barbie's Favorite Links


    www.jdrf.org ( Juvenile Diabetes Research)

    www.adph.org (Alabama Department of Health)

    www.webmd.com ( easy website to obtain medical information)

    www.drugs.com ( easy website to obtain information on medications and side effects)
    www.cdc.gov (Center for Disease Prevention and Control)

    www.jcph.org (Jefferson County Public Health)

    www.aapf.org (American Academy of Family Physicians)

    www.ama-assn.org (American Medical Association)

    www.diabetes.org (American Diabetes Association)