• Mathematics Philosophy
    The Mountain Brook Schools believe our curriculum
    will produce mathematically literate and empowered
    citizens for the 21st century. Students will use
    mathematics effectively and will have conceptual
    understanding along with mathematical proficiency.
    Specifically, in order to achieve mathematical literacy,
    we believe that students should:
    •Demonstrate number sense
    •Develop numerical fluency with accuracy and
    •Communicate mathematical thinking coherently and clearly, in both oral and written expression
    •Show understanding of how mathematical ideas interconnect and build upon one another to
    produce a coherent whole
    •Recognize and apply mathematics in relevant contexts beyond the mathematics classroom
    •Build and apply mathematical knowledge through problem solving
    •Make and investigate mathematical conjectures and provide justifications and proofs
    •Create and use representations to organize, record, and communicate mathematical ideas
    •Use mathematical modeling to interpret physical, social, and mathematical phenomena