• Spartan Brain
    The purpose of the Mountain Brook science program is to provide a challenging, engaging, and effective curriculum that provides opportunities for every student to become scientifically literate. Scientific literacy enables students to use scientific principles and processes in everyday life to make informed decisions and to solve problems.

    Specifically we believe
    • An effective curriculum incorporates a variety of scientific disciplines, materials and methods, integrates
       appropriate technology and makes real-world connections.
    • All students will benefit from a hands-on, inquiry-based approach, which motivates them to explore scientific
       processes in a cooperative learning environment.
    • The scientifically literate person is more likely to face confidently and deal effectively with the challenges of an
       ever-changing global society.

    The Mountain Brook Curriculum Framework is focused on providing experiences, knowledge and skills that allow students to build understanding of both the content and the investigative nature of science.
    "Nothing is too wonderful to be true, if it be consistent with the laws of nature."
     Michael Faraday