• MBHS Special Education Department
    The Special Education Department offers a continuum of support for students who qualify for special needs. This continuum includes services from college-bound students mastering the academic knowledge and skills required for each college prep class to students who follow a curriculum which earns an Alabama High School diploma on the Life Skills pathway. From least restrictive environment to most, support is given in the following categories:

    General - Generally a transition phase, this placement allows a special education student to take regular education classes all day and meet with the caseload teacher during resource lab. The goal of monitoring placement is to provide a transition period between direct special education services and return to full time regular education.

    Co-taught Classes - Academic courses taught by both resource and regular education teachers together in a regular education classroom and directed toward mastering the Mountain Brook curriculum.  

    Self-Contained -  Placement may occur when a student needs more support of special education services per day in a specific program setting.
    Special Education services for children with disabilities are provided in accordance with the Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act, Amendments of 2004, and Alabama Act 106. Child Find is an attempt to locate and provide appropriate educational and related services to all children with disabilities between the ages of birth to 21. If you have child with special needs who is not receiving services, please call Dr. Missy Brooks, Director of Special Education for Mountain Brook Schools, 871-4608.